While visiting Aqaba, don't miss the chance to experience Jordan's first 18-hole par-72 golf course. Ayla Golf Course, ranked among the world's top three eco-friendly golf destinations, is set against the stunning backdrop of Aqaba Bay's majestic mountains. With 120 hectares of lush modern and natural landscape, this stunning course showcases organic architecture, artfully crafted man-made waterfronts, and a serene, contemporary clubhouse.

Designed by golf legend Greg Norman, the Ayla Golf Course adheres to a philosophy that enhances the property's natural features while blending harmoniously with its surroundings. The course stands as a beacon for golf enthusiasts and tourists alike, becoming a go-to destination for those seeking an extraordinary golfing experience.

What sets Ayla Golf Course apart is its commitment to environmental sustainability. Floodlit practicing facilities powered entirely by solar energy allow golfers to refine their skills long after sunset, enjoying the cool Aqaba evening breeze with friends. Experience the pinnacle of golf in Aqaba, where innovation meets tradition, and luxury meets eco-consciousness.

Improve your game at the Ayla Golf Academy

Whether you’re an amateur or professional golfer, Ayla Golf Academy offers on-course programmes to help you expand your skills. Learn to increase your swing speed, improve ball control, and drain long putts while enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

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