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Experience the Bird Migration in Aqaba at the Observatory

Witness the astonishing annual bird migration at the Aqaba Bird Observatory, home to over 390 species of birds that reside in Jordan or use it as an annual migratory stop. The observatory attracts flocks of birds from Europe, Asia, and Africa every migration season, offering exceptional diversity of habitats critical for attracting birds, including shallow and deep waters, herbal plants, trees, and green surfaces,To view Experience the bird migration,Click Here

Explore Aqaba's Aquarium

Aqaba's Aquarium is a part of the Marine Science Station Complex and provides a chance to see the treasures that the Red Sea hides without getting wet. By pumping water directly from the Red Sea, the aquarium helps grow corals and is home to various marine creatures like lionfish, parrotfish, moray eels, turtles, and lethal stonefish.

Contribute to the Protection of the Shelter for Stray Dogs in Aqaba

The Al Rabee Society for Nature and Animal Protection is at the heart of animal welfare in Jordan, operating the first shelter dedicated to lost, stray, and abandoned dogs, including the indigenous Saluki and Canaan breeds, integral to the area's heritage. Volunteer your time at the Aqaba Stray Dog Shelter to care for these unique animals or assist in maintaining their mountain caves, preserving a vital aspect of the region's culture. By engaging in conservation efforts, you not only support the local community's relationship with its surrounding environment but also play a role in safeguarding a treasured aspect of Aqaba's living heritage. Experience a meaningful connection with nature and man's best friend in an environment where compassion meets tradition.

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