About Aqaba

About Aqaba

About Aqaba 

Welcome to Aqaba, where the authentic spirit of warmth and hospitality radiates from its core. Our city, etched in the hearts of the Aqabawi people, is an enduring symbol of simplicity, authenticity, and a lifestyle deeply woven into the timeless fusion of tradition and modernity.

Here, in the only seaside city of Jordan on the Red Sea, expect a profound immersion into a culture of belonging that has been fostered over centuries, welcoming millions of visitors into its inviting embrace.

Aqaba offers a unique blend of tranquillity and vibrancy, harmoniously merging historical charm with contemporary elegance. As you navigate through its tapestry, the sense of warmth is ever-present, manifesting in the genuine human connections formed, the rich melding of diverse cultures, and the awe-inspiring allure of landscapes, stretching from the enchanting depths of the Red Sea to the soaring peaks of our mountains.

In Aqaba, our commitment to nature is as clear as our crystalline waters, deeply rooted and visible in our dedicated efforts towards sustainable tourism. Engage with tales of our thriving marine life, appreciate the vitality of our ecosystems, and become a part of our eco-conscious endeavours.

We've struck a balance between preserving our natural wonders and providing unforgettable experiences to our guests – a testament to Aqaba's ethos.

Place & Conditions 

Aqaba is accessible by air through Aqaba’s King Hussein International Airport or via Queen Alia International Airport in Amman. You can also reach Aqaba by land through the South Wadi Araba crossing border from Eilat, or by car from the Durra border crossing in the Tabuk Governate, Saudi Arabia. Entry by sea is on ferries from Egypt's Sinai Peninsula. Aqaba’s streets radiate warmth, hospitality, and an enchanting blend of past and present. From its luxurious resorts to its significant role as Jordan's only seaport and a low-tax, custom free city, Aqaba invites you to experience its splendor, simplicity, and purity.

History & Culture 

Our city invites you to dive into its rich cultural heritage. Explore bustling markets and indulge in culinary delights that will satiate every palate. Meet traditional craftsmen and local fishermen, proud custodians of Aqaba's legacy, each contributing to a deeper understanding of our city's heart and soul. The locals of Aqaba, AKA: Aqabawis, known for their simplicity, purity, and welcoming nature, imbue Aqaba with an aura of home. Interacting with them, you'll feel comfortable sharing your culture as they love to learn about other people's lives and traditions. Your journey here is as much about gaining new values and meanings of love, friendship, and human companionship as it is about discovering a new city. Aqaba, in its essence, transcends being a mere destination - it's a shared sentiment, a sense of belonging, warmth, and cultural exchange. We invite you to experience the spirit of Aqaba, a spirit that is both nurturing and welcoming, reflecting the deep-rooted values of its inhabitants. Here, in this city, every interaction, every shared story, every embraced visitor is a testament to our natural way of life. After all, this isn't just our city, it's a feeling that we're eager to share - welcome to Aqaba, where embracing you is not just our tradition; it is who we are – it's Aqaba, "By Nature."


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