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Dive in Aqaba - the Sunniest Corner of the Red Sea

Aqaba on the Red Sea is a diver's delight, offering crystal - clear, warm waters that allow the sun to penetrate the sea to a depth of 150 meters, illuminating a paradise of hundreds of species of corals, fish, molluscs, and crustaceans. The availability of professional diving facilities and a variety of habitats and diving sites make Aqaba's diving experience complete.

Aqaba boasts over 20 different dive sites along the Jordanian coast of 26 km . Drop - offs and walls start from just 10 meters and a shipwreck start sat just 8 meters below the sea surface. Its mild climate makes it an ideal location for year - round scuba diving. The water temperature reaches an average of 22.5 degrees Celsius, dropping to 20 degrees in the winter. The current is minimal, and the visibility generally exceeds 20 meters.


Beneath the Waves

Most Aqaba dive sites are located within the protected area of Aqaba Marine Reserve and are easily accessible by boat or from the shore. Each dive site varies in shape and inhabitants. Slopes, drop - offs, canyons, and flat bottoms, all veiled with flourishing corals and a plethora of marine life, are present. Aqaba Bay is home to more than 300 hard and soft reef - building corals, over 500 species of fish, and thousands of molluscs and other invertebrates. The area is also a habitat of endangered species such as the dugong and four species of marine turtles. Endemism is high within the Aqaba Marine Reserve, including 15 endemics tony corals, seven endemic fish species, and the globally threatened whale shark.

Aqaba’s Aquatic Wonderland: Dive Sites

Aqaba, home to more than 20 mesmerizing dive sites, offers an unparalleled underwater experience. Within the Marine Park's boundaries lie 21 distinct sites, each with its unique character and special feature. Dive into the warm, enticing waters of Aqaba's unique coastline, ranging in depth from 15 to 28 meters, to explore a fascinating world. Whether it's shipwrecked military machines, coral reef growth, or marine life recovery, there’s something captivating for both scuba divers and snorkellers. Allow us to guide you on a photographic journey through Aqaba's reefs, such as the Power Station, First Bay North, First Bay South, Ras Al Yamanya, and the enchanting King Abdullah Reef. Delight in the wonders of Black Rock, Rainbow Reef, Cedar Pride Wreck, Tarmac Five (Barge Wreck), Japanese Garden, and Tayong Wreck. Explore the depths of Gorgone I & II , Seven Sisters, New Canyon (Tank Wreck), Eel Garden B, Shorouk Wreck, Yellowstone Reef, Blue Coral, and Kiwi Reef.

Create Memories Day and Night

Aqaba is an ideal spot for underwater photography, with themes ranging from marvellous wide - angle motifs to unique macro subjects. You can even have a professional local dive guide take a few snaps of you during your dives. For the more advanced diver, night diving provides a different experience to diving during the day, offering the chance to witness night time marine life and its unique behaviours.

Snorkeling in Aqaba

With just a mask, flippers and a snorkel, you can discover thriving coral reefs and abundant marine life. Aqaba has something for everyone whether you're an experienced diver, an underwater photographer, or just looking to explore the mesmerizing waters of the Red Sea. So, pack your diving gear and snorkelling equipment and get ready to dive into Aqaba's fantastic underwater world!

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