Zad Desert Experience: Camel riding, local foods, stargazing

‘Zad’ is an Arabic word for food, and specifically the food of travellers. Through this experience, you will explore Wadi Rum in true Bedouin style, with a leisurely late-afternoon camel ride into the desert for a traditional dinner and a spectacular stargazing opportunity. The camel is a crucial part of desert life, particularly for transportation, and Bedouin livelihoods. The ride gives you a new vantage point from which to enjoy your spectacular surroundings, seated atop the statuesque camel as you sway to the rhythm of the desert. On reaching your resting point, your Bedouin guides will light a fire and prepare your dinner, including ‘arbood’, a traditional bread baked in the ashes, and ending with Bedouin tea. Away from the light pollution of urban areas, the night sky reveals a glimmering abundance of stars. It’s a truly remarkable sight.



Distinctive value

This trip gives you a taste of several aspects of Bedouin heritage and culture as you partake in a typical Bedouin afternoon and evening. Connect with the nature of the desert and learn about camels, how to handle and ride them. Taste simple local meals made on a wood fire, and see the stars like never before.



  • Begin your journey at Rum Planet Camp where you will learn to mount a
  • Depart the camp on camelback two hours before sunset and ride to a special spot in the desert. Enjoy Bedouin tea or coffee as you watch the sunset.
  • Your Bedouin hosts will light a fire and teach you to make ‘arbood’, a traditional bread that is cooked in the coals.
  • Enjoy the bread alongside a traditional vegetarian meal.
  • After dinner, there is time for stargazing in the deep tranquillity of the desert.
  • Return to the camp to spend the night under the twinkling stars.