Learn how Bedouin kohl is made

Find out how traditional kohl is made and take part in the process with local Bedouin women. Um Laith, one of the women of Disi cooperative, which operates this experience, says their recipe for kohl is a secret, but reveals that one of the main ingredients is olive oil. The Bedouin see kohl as a natural product that protects and beautifies the eyes. As with most customs, traditional kohl is becoming less used among the younger generations. The cooperative has a small shop with kohl and other products and crafts made by the Disi women, which you will get the chance to browse through afterwards.



Distinctive value

Work alongside Bedouin women to make traditional kohl, the black substance that is traditionally used to line the eyes of both Bedouin women and men. It is still much-used today, as you will notice among the Bedu in Petra and Wadi Rum. While beautification is its main purpose, kohl is also said to be used to protect the eyes from dust.



  • This experience takes place at the Disi Women’s Cooperative in the village of Disi.
  • You begin with an introduction to kohl and its use and significance in Bedouin culture.
  • Introduce the tools that are used in making Kohl and the methodology for making it.
  • Visitors can also take part in the production process of Kohl municipal olive oil.
  • Visitors can also use kohl on themselves.
  • After the Kohl is ready it will then be put into special bottles for safe storage.
  • If interested, they can buy the final product