Birdwatching in Aqaba


Experience bird watching at the Aqaba Bird Observatory, which lies along an important bird migration route between Africa, Asia, and Europe. The observatory consists of mixed habitats, including bushes, desert, wetland, and some forested areas, and it is a resting point for around half a million birds each year. This self-guided experience becomes much more interesting during the bird migration seasons, in Spring and Autumn. The observatory has recorded more than 270 different species of birds, and visitors have the opportunity to sight up to 80 bird species there in one day during migration season.



Distinctive value

Aqaba lies along the second most important migratory bird route in the world and is one of the most important bird areas in Jordan. The area of the observatory can easily be covered on foot and there are several resident bird species to see as well as the migrating birds.



  • Arrive at the observatory visitor centre where you will be greeted by a staff member and get an introduction to the Aqaba Bird Observatory and its global importance as a bird watching hotspot.
  • After this, you will be provided with binoculars and can begin your self-guided tour through the site, walking along set paths.
  • You will be free to spend as much time there watching and photographing the various species of birds that use the observatory's habitat to rest during the migration seasons, or birds that are resident in the area, such as the Arabian babbler and the charmingly colourful Arabian bee-eater.